Eric Johnson


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#2 in Boss GX-100


Eric Johnson | Cliff Of Dover – Guitar Tone

On this patch I’ve used two guitars.

A Gibson ES-335 and a Fender Strat.

IMPORTANT INFO: Both guitars in the Bridge Pickup with the Tone Knob rolled off.

After some research I found out that Eric did the same in the Studio.

This patch sounds very big and open just like his Studio guitar tone.

In the Studio, Eric’s tone is improved via additional post FX, mixing and mastering.

You can clearly hear the differences from the Album to Live Performances.

On this patch no additional FX were used, but if you’re into recording, you can make it sound just like the original!


Ideal for live PA, Studio Monitors and you can also you it on your Amp’s Return FX Loop.

In this case please turn off the Cab Sim on the GX-100 for better results. (See image below)