Mark II C +


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#19 in Boss GX-100


The legendary MARK II C + now on your Boss GX-100.

5 different flavours for the MARK II C +

  1. Mark II C + Version I
  2. Mark II C + Version II
  3. Mark II C + Version III
  4. Mark II C + Version IV
  5. Mark II C + Solo

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Ideal for Live use (PA), direct recording to your PC or straight into your amp’s FX LOOP Return. (In this case I advise to turn off the cab sim on the GT-1000/Core for better results)

C1 Pedal on the Boss GX-100 is assigned to increase the amp’s gain from Medium To Max.


I’ve used a Jackson with EMG 51/58 Pickups and an ESP/LTD KIRK HAMMETT Sig. Guitar with Bone Breaker Pickups.