Katana Librarian

Katana Librarian 

Katana Librarian allows you to connect your phone or tablet to your BOSS Katana amplifier via USB or a Bluetooth adapter (sold separately), unlocking your amp’s full potential!

– XSONIC AIRSTEP Kat Edition (https://xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstepkatedition)

The FREE version will come loaded with Patches of my own collection!!!

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What’s new

Full support for MkII Version 2 firmware, including:
– Contour
– Solo
– EQ2
– Centa OD booster
– Pedal Bend FX
– Foot switch tip/ring settings
– Additional GA-FC foot switch settings
– Additional chain options
– Cabinet mic settings
– Multiple Global EQ settings


Katana Librarian allows you to connect your phone or tablet to your BOSS Katana amplifier,
unlocking your amp’s full potential!

The free version of the app allows you to test your connection and load the built-in demo
patches. A single in-app purchase is offered if you wish to unlock the full feature set, which will
allow you to:

Download patches from your amplifier.

Modify the patch parameters; includes support for all effect types; the editor also
changes in real-time as you adjust the parameters on your amp.

Access undocumented Katana features like hidden amps and multiple simultaneous

Organise your patches into groups. Tag your favorite patches, or create a set list for a
live performance.

Use the hotkey feature in combination with a Bluetooth MIDI or HID foot switch (e.g.

https://www.airturn.com/407.html) for hands-free patch and effect switching.

Import and export MkI and MkII .TSL files.

Rename and delete patches.

Write patches to the amplifier’s channels

Emulate the functionality of a GA-FC pedal (even on a KATANA-50)


Note: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Roland Corporation in any way. BOSS is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.

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Developer apps4amps@gmail.com

#350 – 137 Glasgow St. Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2G 4X8