• Are the patches from the Katana MKI compatible with the new Katana MKII?

Yes. Totally fine! It works! But, patches from the MKII won’t work on the original MKI. 

  • Is the Katana loud enough to gig?

Yes. Even the lower 50 watts model has plenty of power and headroom to cut through the heaviest Metal drums player…

  • Can I use it the Katana in a small apartment with crazy neigbours?

Yes. The 0,5 watt mode will keep the volume very low and you still have all the dynamics from the amp.

  • Do I need to use Tone Studio?

No. It’s not mandatory. But you will be missing many things!!! There’s a ton of effects that are not on the amp and you can assign them via Tone Studio. Plus you can shape the tone just like you want with all the eq options inside Tone Studio. Just do it…

  • Will I be waisting my time in Tone Studio instead of playing?

No. But that’s why I’m here! To do the hard work for you. Just go there and craft some tones you want. You don’t have time or patience to really dive deep into all parameters? I’ll do it for you, it’s my job you know…

  • What do I need to hook up my Katana to my Pc/Mac?

Just one of those USB printer cables and you’re good to go!

  • What about updates? Will they ruin my tone?

Of course not! It’s usually the other way around. Plus they fix bugs and add new features. Update your Katana and Tone Studio to the latest versions. 

  • How to update?

Really? That would take all my time writing it down… Just follow the steps on Boss website. 

  • Should I crank the Master and use the volume knob to get the best of the Katana?

That’s so subjective… Boss says it works! Experiment. Don’t be afraid!

  • Does it sound like a tube amp?

Oh man… again? Ok, For your audience it really doesn’t make the slightest difference. For you it might not sound like a Marshall Plexi from Spinal Tap on 11… But you’re very close for a fraction of a decent tube amp! So, don’t ask again…

  • What are presets/patches?

Starting points! That’s it. Depending on who you are sometimes you really don’t need to adjust anything else except the volume.

  • Is it easy to dial an Artist or Amp tone?

No. If you wanna make it the closest possible to the original you need time. Knowing one of two things about mixing doesn’t hurt too. Understanding graphical and parametric eq’s is very important. Trial and error. Lots of hours in from of a screen. You need pauses. Sometimes one or two days off to get your ears fresh. Twisting knobs doesn’t help either as some might think. Precision, patience, love, more love and a big passion are fundamental.

  • Are the patches compatible between different models?

Read this please