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Boss Katana MKI / MKII Artist Tones List

Katana Artist Tones


Boss Katana Amps Tones List

Katana Custom Amps

Episodes Playlist (Click the image to WATCH)

Free Patches – Boss Katana MKI and MKII

  1. All FREE Patches HERE
  2. NEW – JN Soft Dreamy Tone – MKII

Free Patches – Boss GT-1000

  1. Boss GT-1000 Patches + Original Backing Track
  2. Dream Tone I
  3. Joe Satriani Live Rig
  4. Natural Amp Breakup NEW!!!
  5. Dual Rock Rig NEW!!!
  6. In Your Face NEW!!!
  7. Warm Fuzz NEW!!!
  8. Soft Lead Crunch + Marshall IR + Backing Track NEW!!!
  9. Zakk Wylde – No More Tears Tones – 2 Patches + Custom IR NEW!!!
  10. Soulful Tone – 80’s Big Hall NEW!!!
  11. Live Patch + Custom Celestion IR NEW!!!
  12. Dreams Come True NEW!!!
  13. Eric Johnson – 2 Patches (Cliffs Of Dover and Manhattan) Audio Demo Below | Recorded via USB for Stereo FX

Free Patches – Boss GX-100

  1. John Petrucci
  2. Metal Tone
  3. Warm Drive + Backing Track
  4. Ambient Tone
  5. Zakk Wylde Farewell Ballad
  6. Dream Tone + Backing TrackNEW!!!

Free Patches – Boss NEXTONE (Stage / Artist)

  1. Crunchy Solo

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