Studio PRO

HomeStudio Pro

If you record your songs at your home studio and need help I’m here for you. 

Need professional sounding guitars? A bass player to compliment your project? 

Or maybe you can’t find the right tones to go with your mix?

Can’t record or program drums? 

Need an online evaluation of your mix? (Free 20m Skype Session)

Want your project to be mixed professionally?

That’s where my new service comes in!!!

Many home studio musicians struggle with guitar tones, drum sounds, melodies, song structure, bass tones, you name it!

Don’t waste your time and energy! Focus on your ideas instead of knobs. 

Leave the hard work for a mixing engineer!

Use HomeStudio Pro!

Services and Prices:

  1. Recording guitars / Re-Amping DI Guitars: 25€ (Per song)
  2. Programming Midi Bass and Drums: 30€ (Per song)
  3. Mixing recorded guitars: 20€ (Per Song)
  4. Mixing a full song: 40€ (No extra charge for revisions)
  5. Custom guitars tones to fit the mix: 25€ (Per song)
  6. Editing a full mix: 35€ (Per song)