Katana On Steroids


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The Katana On Steroids Pack

This pack was developed with the recording musician in mind.

4 Superb sounding patches to unleash all of your creativity:

  1. Deep Ambient
  2. Forever Crunch
  3. Heaven Tremolo
  4. Plexi Dream

All tones were recorded via USB to take advantage of the phenomenal Boss Katana Stereo FX.

From spacious reverbs, crispy delays, deep chorus and more, it’s all covered in this pack.

I used a Jet Guitar Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul.

Works great both for Humbucker or Single-Coil Guitars.

I’ve used the amp in standby mode.

EXTRA BONUS: Guitar into the Katana | Katana connected via USB to PC | Into your DAW 

I used Logic Pro, but any DAW will do. 

OPTIONS: If you have an Audio Interface, select as follows:

  1. Katana as Input Device
  2. Audio Interface as Output Device

As you can see from the picture above I’m using my UAD audio interface for the output.

This allows me to get my signal into Headphones or Studio Monitors while the Boss Katana is in Standby

One of the many benefits of this setup is the fact that you can play with your Katana, monitoring the sound via headphones for late night practice without disturbing the neighbours.

Or monitor via your Studio Monitors when recording and mixing.

If you don’t have own an Audio Interface you can still do the same thing.

In this case the Output Device in your DAW will be your computer speakers (Laptop) where you can connect your Headphones.

Although I highly recommend you to get an affordable Audio Interface.

Great place to start: Focusrite Scarlett Solo

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Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4


As always I’m here for any questions regarding the setup. You can contact me and I will gladly help you setting up your devices free of charge.