Amps To Katana




Amps To Katana Pack

Amps to Katana Pack features 4 patches based on a few very popular Bands/Artists plus a unique Boutique Style Amp.

This patches were created to take advantage of the Katana Power Amp In.

The Boss GX-100 has the cabinet sim turned off.

All tones were recorded with a Sennheiser E906 Mic straight into an UAD Apollo Interface.

No post FX were added.

Ideal for live PA, Studio Monitors and you can also you it on your Amp’s Return FX Loop

Signal Chain: Guitar into Boss GX-100 | Jack from Boss GX-100 Mono Left into Katana’s Power Amp In.

This pack features:

  1. Small Boutique
  2. Brian Day
  3. Pearl Jar
  4. Land Rodes