The Brit Collection


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#16 in Boss GX-100


The Brit Collection Pack

Based on a very famous amp, the Brit Collection pack offers you 3 distinct patches.

From edge of breakup tones to raw power, it’s all covered.

All tones were recorded with a Schecter Nick Johnston Sig. Guitar into an UAD Apollo Audio Interface and the Logic Pro X.


No post FX were added.

Ideal for Live use (PA), direct recording to your PC or straight into your amp’s FX LOPP Return. (In this case I advise to turn off the cab sim on the GT-1000/Core for better results)

Audio Examples:

Marshall FX Neck Singe Pickup

Marshall Shime Neck Single Pickup

Marshall Shime Single Coil 4th Position

Marshall Stack OD On Bridge Humbucker Pickup

Marshall Stack OD On Single Neck Pickup