JN Punch Metal Pack


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#18 in Boss GX-100


The JUCA NERY Punch Metal Pack.

From my own collection of Custom Built Patches.

This pack offers the modern metal player great diversity and serious “In Your Face” Metal Tones!!!

Included in the pack:

  1. Original High Quality Backing Track
  2. Engl and Fortin Custom IRs
  3. Info Text
  4. An additional Metal Bass Amp patch

INFO: You will need to have the Boss GX-100 IR Loader.

All the links to download the software both for Mac and Windows are in the Text File provided with the pack. 

This pack features:

  1. JN Solid Punch
  2. JN Mega Clean
  3. JN Hell On Earth
  4. Demon Solo
  5. Bass Punch

I’ve used a Solar Guitar A2.6TBR SK- TRANS BLOOD RED MATTE

Into an UAD Apollo audio interface and then Logic Pro. 

No post processing. 

Ideal for Live use (PA), direct recording to your PC or straight into your amp’s FX LOOP Return. (In this case I advise to turn off the cab sim on the GT-1000/Core for better results)