The Rig Pack


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#5 in Boss ME-90


The Rig Pack

4 Custom Patches for your ultimate Guitar Rig.

“X-CRUNCH — a mid-focused, medium gain amp great for using with single coils to add some Texas fire to your tone, or switch over to humbuckers for some 70s classic rock vibes. Where classic amps in a similar style may have over-accentuation in certain undesirable frequencies when cranked, MDP technology helps to get a more balanced, clear tone.”

I’ve use my Edwards Strat for all tones.

All tones were recorded via USB straight into Logic X.

No post FX were added.

Ideal for live PA, Studio Monitors and you can also you it on your Amp’s Return FX Loop or Katana Power Amp In.

In this case please turn off the Cab Sim on the ME-90 for better results:

TIP: When this switch (RED DOT) is set to “LINE”, the built-in speaker simulator turns on, which lets you enjoy a powerful guitar sound even when connected to a mixer or powered speakers.

This pack features:

  1. Chorusy Clean
  2. Ambient Rig
  3. Vintage + Boost
  4. Tube Grind