Tele Pack


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#3 in Boss ME-90


The Telecaster Pack. 

All the Tele tones you need for your Boss ME-90 are in this pack!

On this demo I’ve used a Fender Telecaster Player MN Butterscotch Blonde.

All tones were recorded via USB straight into Logic X.

No post FX were added.

Ideal for live PA, Studio Monitors and you can also you it on your Amp’s Return FX Loop or Katana Power Amp In.

In this case please turn off the Cab Sim on the ME-90 for better results:

This Pack Features:

  1. Tele Clean
  2. Tele Drive
  3. Tele Crunch
  4. Tele Boost
  5. Tele Spank
  6. Tele Wah
  7. Tele Tweed
  8. Tele Vibe