The New Katana Air

The new Katana Air is an amazing sounding amp, very 3d, and it’s almost impossible to judge it just by checking YouTube videos. You definitely need to be in the room to perceive the immense tones! It’s not a cheap amp, but it’s the best in its class. Continue reading The New Katana Air

The “Almighty” Boss Katana

Sometimes I don’t understand those said “Audio Professionals” talking about the “serious” amps for recording… There’s no such thing as the “right” amp for recording. They seem reluctant to accept that an affordable amp like the Katana will deliver exactly what you need. Add to the equation that every tone is heavily modified and processed… Continue reading The “Almighty” Boss Katana

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd – Shine On Your Crazy Diamond. Here’s a quick demo tone video of one patch for the Pink Floyd Pack for the Boss GX-100. The set is ready. Shooting video soon 🙂 Stay tuned!   Cheers 🙂 Continue reading Pink Floyd

Who Are We As Musicians?

We all have our own identity and tone as musicians. That’s a fact. But when playing, and as time goes by, I tend to be a different guitarist almost every week. One week I’m in Metal like never before, next week I’m chasing John Mayer’s tone. And probably the week after I’m just playing Satch.… Continue reading Who Are We As Musicians?


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