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#6 in HX Stomp


Four great amps!!! Phenomenal sounding pack!

For tone purists!!!

On this pack I used the ML ‘s Sound Lab Freeman Cab Pack

I also replicated each patch with the original Line 6 Stomp Cabs just in case you don’t have the IR’s.

A total of 12 Patches.

The guitar used on this pack was a Fender Vintera 60’s Surf Green.

This pack is voiced for single coils. But you can use humbuckers.

The stock cabs are labeled with ST on each patch. 

I highly recommend you this amazing Freeman IR pack from ML Sound Lab.


  • Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb
  • Vox AC 30
  • DR.Z
  • Marshall Plexi 

Custom ML Sound Lab IR’s:

  1. ML-Sound-Lab-Cab-Pack-Freeman Pack
  2. Four amps / 3 Snapshots per patch – 12 Tones







Audio Demos with the Freeman Pack:

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 1

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 2

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 3

DR. Z Snapshot 1

DR.Z Snapshot 2

DR.Z Snapshot 3

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 1

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 2

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 3

Plexi Snapshot 1

Plexi Snapshot 2

Plexi Snapshot 3

Audio Demos with Stock Cabs:

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 1 ST

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 2 ST

Deluxe Reverb Snapshot 3 ST

DR.Z Snapshot 1 ST

DR.Z Snapshot 2 ST

DR.Z Snapshot 3 ST

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 1 ST

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 2 ST

VOX AC 30 Snapshot 3 ST

Plexi Snapshot 1 ST

Plexi Snapshot 2 ST

Plexi Snapshot 3 ST

Video Demo