Boutique Amps Collection I


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#5 in HX Stomp


Boutique Amps Collection I for the amazing Line 6 HX Stomp

All patches have 3 snapshots.

The Amps:

  1. Marshall Plexi
  2. Marshall JTM 45
  3. Orange R 80
  4. Vox AC 30

Superb sounding amps!!! Meticulously designed to sound like the originals!!!

Snapshots description per patch:

  1. Clean 
  2. Crunch
  3. Lead

The Line 6 HX Stomp was connected to the Katana MKII Power Amp In but you get the same results using the Katana MKI Return.

Signal chain: Guitar – Line 6 HX Stomp – Katana Power Amp In or Return – Shure SM 57 – UAD Apollo Twin – Logic X (No post fx added)