My Dumble


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#36 in Boss GT-1000


My Dumble (Inspired By)

Inspired by the famous Dumble Amp.

Super dynamic, juicy tones are included in this amazing Pack!

I used an Epiphone 335 for this Pack.

Also works great with Single Coil Guitars.

All done with the newest GT-1000 / Core update and taking advantage of the new Mastering FX plus New Cabs.

No post processing. 

Ideal for Live use (PA), direct recording to your PC or straight into your amp’s FX LOPP Return. (In this case I advise to turn off the cab sim on the GT-1000/Core for better results)

NOTE: If you have the Boss GT-1000 / Core Premium Pack, head to your account and just re-download the Pack.

This Pack Includes:

  1. Dumble Dark
  2. Dumble Drive
  3. Dumble Sing