JN Collection Pack


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The JN Collection Pack

My own collection of Custom Built Patches.

Using the Natural Amp which has lots of dynamics, this pack is aimed at players looking for an exotic stereo guitar rig.

From Stereo Delays to Shimmer Reverbs it’s all there.

Great crunchy low gain overdrive.

Added natural compression for a smooth tone.

Also a great pack for Worship players.

No post processing. 

Ideal for Live use (PA), direct recording to your PC or straight into your amp’s FX LOOP Return. (In this case I advise to turn off the cab sim on the GT-1000/Core for better results)

Video Demo Soon.

This Pack Includes 4 Patches:

  1. Awaken Patch
  2. Look At The Sky Patch
  3. Passing By Patch
  4. Reborn Patch


Awaken Patch

Look At The Sky Patch

Passing By Patch

Reborn Patch