Inspired By Artists Pack I


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#41 in Boss GT-1000


Inspired By Artists Pack I

One of the best packs for your Boss GT-1000 or Core.

This pack features 8 superb guitar tones based on the Artists Signature sound.


  1. Dire Straits Swing – VIDEO DEMO
  2. Chris Isaak / Slash / Brian Setzer / Dire Straits – VIDEO DEMO
  3. Zakk Wylde Tears – 2 Patches – VIDEO DEMO
  4. Jimi Hendrix Fox – VIDEO DEMO

All tones feature Custom IR’s

Description of IR’S:

GNR Sweet: IR Marshall 1960

Dire Straits: Sultans IR Twin 73 CE

Dire Straits Money: IR Marshall 1960

Chris Issak: IR Twin 73 CE

Zakk Wylde: Hesu 2×12

Jimi Hendrix Foxy: IR Marshall 1960

Brian Setzer: IR Twin 73 CE

For this you will need the Boss IR Loader App:







Instructions Here: Download IR Loader PDF

All tones were recorded straight into an UAD Apollo Interface.

No post FX were added.

Ideal for live PA, Studio Monitors and you can also you it on your Amp’s Return FX Loop.

In this case please turn off the Cab Sim on the GT-1000 for better results. (See image below)