80’s Rock / Metal Pack


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#11 in Katana MK II


80’s Rock / Metal Pack

Finally the 80’s Rock/Metal pack for the Boss Katana MKII.

Featuring 8 different Patches to cover all 80’s Metal/Rock styles!!!

I’ve used my Charvel Pro Mod.

All tones (except the stereo ones) were captured with an SM 57 into an UAD Apollo and the Logic X.

For stereo tones use USB.

No post processing.

The lush chorus on most of the tones is a recreation of the famous 80’s analog units.

Pitch Shifting is also present as a must for dual harmonies and subtle chorus effect.

Tape echos and big reverbs make this pack UNIQUE!!!

This pack contains:

  1. Dream Acoustic
  2. 80’s Funk
  3. 80’s Clean
  4. 80’s Pad
  5. 80’s Lead I
  6. 80’s Lead II
  7. 80’s Solo
  8. 80’s Dual Solo