Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Info

I give online guitar lessons via Skype. From beginner to advanced. 

My classes have a duration of 30/60 minutes. Prices vary.

For 30 minutes I charge 20€ (24US Dollars), for 60m it’s 40€.

The payment is done via PayPal before the class. After verification the class starts.

I usually teach 4 lessons per month.

Depending on your needs and availability, we might change that.

For each lesson there’s a extra bonus! I record a video for each student after the class and send him, so he or she can recall the lesson at anytime. 

No extra charge for the video!

If the student doesn’t use Skype or does not like it, the class still proceeds:

The student mails me about what he or she wants to learn. And then I’ll make a video on the subject. 

For the video I charge 20€ (Like a regular class)

For more info please contact me below

Best regards