Keith Shelley

“I came across Juca after I had purchased a Katana amplifier and was looking for community tone presets to see what the amp could do. Juca’s tones were far superior to anyone else in the community (dead on, every time) and I started following his posts. Little did I know just how prolific and knowledgeable he is about all things guitar and recording.

I have learned more about equalization and how to methodically dial in a great guitar tone for any situation from Juca’s YouTube tutorial series than I learned in an entire year of recording classes in college. He takes a tricky subject and walks you through it in a way that not only makes sense but gets you excited to start experimenting on your own.

Juca has also cultivated a fun, supportive, inclusive online community of guitarists (no easy task). His Facebook group has quickly become my favorite place online and I find myself constantly inspired and motivated by the group and Juca himself to keep learning and have more fun playing guitar!”