The 80’s Pack



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#50 in Boss GT-1000


The 80’s Pack

The 80’s Pack now for the Boss GT-1000.

All the classic 80’s tones are covered in this pack.

The RockMan Amp In Your GT-1000!

INFO: Already added to the Premium Pack (If you bought it, please redownload the pack)

I’ve use a Charvel Pro Mod DK 24 to record all the tones.

All guitars were recorded into an UAD Apollo audio interface and then Logic X.

No post processing was used.

This pack works great for Live PA, in your DAW for recording and also to connect into your Amp’s Return (Turn the Cab Sim OFF in this last option for better results)

This Pack Features:

  1. 80’s Clean
  2. 80’s Clean II
  3. 80’s Lead 1×12
  4. 80’s Lead 4×10
  5. 80’s Lead 2×12
  6. 80’s Solo 4×10
  7. 80’s Rhythm 4×10