Steve Vai Set


Best Seller

#28 in Katana MK II


The Steve Vai Set

Amazing set of patches to get all the important Steve Vai tones!!!

This pack has 5 different patches.

Two of them are displayed in audio demos and were recorded via USB for the stereo FX that the Katana MKII provides.

Nos post processing.

You get cristal cleans to singing leads with special FX in between.

I used an Ibanez JEM Jr to record all tones.

Recorded with an Sennheiser e906 into an UAD Apollo Twin and the Logic Pro.


  1. For The Love Of God
  2. Tender Surrender
  3. Steve Vai Carvin Legacy
  4. Steve Vai Clean (Listen Below)
  5. Steve Vai Weird (Listen Below)


Steve Vai CLEAN

Steve Vai WEIRD


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