Rock Volume I


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#40 in Boss GT-1000


Rock Volume I

A full set of patches built to ROCK!

8 totally different patches with various effects assigned to CTL switches.

Very flexible, from 80’s Air Metal to more Vintage sounding tones.

Included is a Custom Marshall IR:

Marshall1960A-G12Ms-C414-CapEdge-4in – 96 KHz-24bit

No post FX were added.

All tones recorded with different guitars into an UAD Apollo Twin and then Pro Tools.

Patches that use the Marshall1960A-G12Ms-C414-CapEdge-4in IR:

Touch Plex

Hot Sunrise

Mighty Dual

In case the IR doesn’t load automatically please open the GT-1000 IR Loader and import the Custom IR.

This Pack Features:

  1. Soft Plex
  2. Rolling 65
  3. Rock Boost
  4. 80’s Hair
  5. WoodTone
  6. Touch Plex
  7. Hot Sunrise
  8. Mighty Dual