Mesa Mark V


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#20 in Boss GT-1000


Mesa Mark V

The fabulous Mesa Mark V in your Boss GT-1000/Core.

No external IR’s.

The patches were created with the newest update for the Boss GT-1000/Core.

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Additional Functions:

“MASTERING FX,” which demonstrates potential for line output, has been added to FX TYPE.

Eleven types of settings that combine multiple effects such as multi-band compressor, limiter, enhancer, and equalizer have been provided as TYPE settings. Full-fledged mastering to boost the acoustic pressure of the sound and make sound contours more distinct can now be carried out.

We recommend using these with placement after an SP.SIMULATOR.

Ten types of SP TYPE settings designed based on IR data having a realistic presence have been added to the SP.SIMULATOR parameters.
Ribbon mic and blended dynamic/ribbon mic MIC TYPE settings have been added to the SP.SIMULATOR parameters.

Five types of BOSS and Roland delays have been added to the MASTER DELAY parameter.

The DD-8’s acclaimed WARM and GLITCH settings, the vintage digital SDE-3000, and the still-popular STANDARD and ANALOG parameters featured on the DD-20 have been added.

This Pack Includes:

  1. Mark Five Clean
  2. Mark Five Channel II
  3. Mark Five Solo
  4. Mark Five Channel III

All patches clean pretty well using the volume knob on your guitar.

Ideal for Live Gigs PA / Studio Recording and you can also use it on your amp’s FX Loop Return ( In this case you can opt to bypass the cab sim for better results)