JN Custom Metal Pack



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#49 in Katana MK II


The Juca Nery Custom Metal Pack

Made for Metal!!!

This pack features 5 different Patches to cover all your needs.

The tones are not over saturated, which is perfect for recording, and have a very mid range pronounced voice.

I’ve used two different guitars, a Charvel Pro Mod and a Solar A 6.1.

This is the pack I usually reach for my own recordings. 

I’ve used the bridge pickups for most of the patches, only changing to the neck pickup for the clean tones.

The tones were recorded with a Sennheiser e906 into an UAD Apollo Interface and then Logic X.

No Post FX were added.

Included in the Pack is the High Quality Original Track that you can use as you see fit!

This Pack Features:

  1. JN Mellow Drive
  2. JN Grind Mood
  3. JN Evil Crunch
  4. JN Pad
  5. JN Solo Blast