JN Custom Blues Pack


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#52 in Katana MK II


The JUCA NERY Custom Blues Pack

This pack is a must for Blues lovers!

Some of the best Boss Katana Blues tones out there.

The tones were inspired by some famous Artists and Amps.

From crispy cleans to edge of breakup tones, this pack sounds superb.

I advise you to use your guitar’s volume and tone control to get the best out of this pack.

The pack includes a high quality backing track written, compose and mixed by JUCA NERY that you can preview here:

I’ve use a Gibson SG and a Fender Stratocaster.

All tones recorded with a Sennheiser microphone E906 into an UAD Apollo audio interface and then Logic Pro.

No post FX were added.

This Pack Includes:

  1. JN Blues Trem
  2. JN Blues Rotor
  3. JN Blues Solo I
  4. JN Blues Solo II