Chug Like Hell Pack


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#44 in Boss GT-1000


Chug Like Hell Pack

Design with the “Chug” guitar player in mind, this pack offers some serious PUNCH!!!

From the X Amps on the GT-1000 you get 6 different patches.

You also get TWO Custom IR’s:

  1. Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-0.5in
  2. Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-ConeEdge-0in

This pack works best with the following:

  1. Studio Monitors
  2. Live PA / FRFR
  3. Amp’s Return (In this case it’s better to bypass the cab sim on the GT-1000)

The patches react in a very dynamic way to your pick attack.

Some patches use the two different cabs Left and Right.

Also included in the pack is an Original Backing Track for you to jam along.

No post FX were added.

This Pack Includes:

  1. Chug Like Hell
  2. Chug Left Cab
  3. Chug Right Cab
  4. Chugless Dreams
  5. Chug Drive
  6. Chug Like Solo