Boss Katana Presets / Online Guitar Classes (Students)


Hey Juca Nery Campos, just want to say thanks for the recent boutique amp pack I purchased. F#*cking awesome tones mate. The Diezel VH-4 tone is amazing🤘. The Saldando’s are brilliant. Haven’t played much with the others yet, but definitely money well spent. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Steve Hambly

Finally got Boss Tone Studio onto my MacBook Pro yesterday, It prompted me to update to Version 3 with no issues whatsoever.

Juca Nery Campos You sir are a bonafide legend! I’ve tried out a number of the artist preset patches that you have made including a few of you’re own (wow that solo for PRS) and I must say I am very impressed and inspired by all the work and effort you put in to make these patches sound just as great as the real deal. For those who have yet to check out Juca’s website “Do It!” Certainly made my birthday even more enjoyable yesterday. I look forward to learning more on making my own patches and sounds and couldn’t be more happier with my 212, i hope to get some audio and video up here soon of myself playing. Cheers to you man!

Drew Johnson

Guys, today at the studio I tried a preset from Juca Nery Campos for the 1st time playing in the 100watt mode… my god what a difference! I used the SLASH tone I bought from Juca during the Guns and Roses songs… I was blown away….. the Katana put to shame 3 tube amps, a fender 68 twin reverb something (I’m not sure the model) a soldano something, and a tube amp that the studio guy built himself cloning a Marshall JCM tone. 

Rolling off the volume control really gave me the clean tones I wanted and once you bring it up it’s all there.

F#cking hell the Katana had loudness, a rich tone … the clearness of the notes.. MAN….

Awesome amp… awesome work Juca, for getting the tone just right.

I’m converted, for life!

Filipe Diogo

I got the Katana artist on a demo price.. Somebody didn’t like it and returned it..I guess they had it for less than 2 hours? Wow..  I couldn’t believe the deal that a huge store here in the states made with me.. I was going to buy the katana 100.. This artist though is simply amazing and worth the few extra bucks I paid.. Having it now I would have paid full price..

Anyway, started playing again after years of not.. Wow did I miss it!  Amp is way more than I’ll ever need.. I was completely clueless on how to use the equalizers and fine tweaks to be honest..  However, thanks to your hard work I have way more than I need and a lot of good starting points..

I have a Fender Power Chorus I bought around 1990.. That thing sounds great but only has a limited usage.. .. An awesome clean sound and  chorus.. Also have one boss distortion pedal from same vintage.. I figured it was time to upgrade.

Your patches are awesome! Better than the sneaky ones by far!!  Worth every penny!! I can’t believe the sounds that come out of this dang amp with your patches in it! I would have spent weeks trying to figure it out.. The amp itself sounded great just messing around without using the tone studio..

I’m not overwhelmed! I’m supposed to work early in the morning!! 😯 I can’t quit messing around and playing!! Great job! I’m too old to stay up all night!! Lol

Thanks again and thanks for the inspiration!!

Maybe lessons next who knows!

John B

Keith Shelley

“I came across Juca after I had purchased a Katana amplifier and was looking for community tone presets to see what the amp could do. Juca’s tones were far superior to anyone else in the community (dead on, every time) and I started following his posts. Little did I know just how prolific and knowledgeable he is about all things guitar and recording.

I have learned more about equalization and how to methodically dial in a great guitar tone for any situation from Juca’s YouTube tutorial series than I learned in an entire year of recording classes in college. He takes a tricky subject and walks you through it in a way that not only makes sense but gets you excited to start experimenting on your own.

Juca has also cultivated a fun, supportive, inclusive online community of guitarists (no easy task). His Facebook group has quickly become my favorite place online and I find myself constantly inspired and motivated by the group and Juca himself to keep learning and have more fun playing guitar!”

Mitch Tarala


Shout out to Juca Nery Campos ! I’m learning so much from my guitar lessons with Juca done over Skype! He’s great at explaining everything, a good teacher!

I played guitar when I was younger but never knew much about theory or techniques. I was “self taught” (meaning I could read tablature).

3 Lessons in with Juca and I feel like I know 10x more than what I knew before I started with him! A+++!”

Paulie O’Mahony 


“I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years, but like many guitarists fell into a rut. I met Juca as part of a Katana group online and quickly learned he knew his stuff, from Katana to presets to tones to guitar technique and theory. I started taking lessons with him and in just a few lessons I’ve learned more than I’ve covered in years on my own. He really helped me unlock the fretboard, as well as helping explain the ins and outs of the Katana to me so quickly, saving me a bunch of time and really helping me develop as a player. Now I can concentrate on just sounding good and playing well, and people have been noticing the improvements in my playing. He takes the time to do lessons in different time zones, as well as follow up with video lessons and tabs. And the presets and bundles he offers on his sites are amazing. Can’t recommend him enough, and on top of it all he’s a really really good guy. I’m really happy I met him.”