Paulie O’Mahony

“I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years, but like many guitarists fell into a rut. I met Juca as part of a Katana group online and quickly learned he knew his stuff, from Katana to presets to tones to guitar technique and theory. I started taking lessons with him and in just a few lessons I’ve learned more than I’ve covered in years on my own. He really helped me unlock the fretboard, as well as helping explain the ins and outs of the Katana to me so quickly, saving me a bunch of time and really helping me develop as a player. Now I can concentrate on just sounding good and playing well, and people have been noticing the improvements in my playing. He takes the time to do lessons in different time zones, as well as follow up with video lessons and tabs. And the presets and bundles he offers on his sites are amazing. Can’t recommend him enough, and on top of it all he’s a really really good guy. I’m really happy I met him.”