Paulie O’Mahony

“I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years, but like many guitarists fell into a rut. I met Juca as part of a Katana group online and quickly learned he knew his stuff, from Katana to presets to tones to guitar technique and theory. I started taking lessons with him and in just a few lessons I’ve learned more than I’ve covered in years on … Continue reading Paulie O’Mahony

Keith Shelley

“I came across Juca after I had purchased a Katana amplifier and was looking for community tone presets to see what the amp could do. Juca’s tones were far superior to anyone else in the community (dead on, every time) and I started following his posts. Little did I know just how prolific and knowledgeable he is about all things guitar and recording. I have … Continue reading Keith Shelley

Mitch Tarala

“Shout out to Juca Nery Campos ! I’m learning so much from my guitar lessons with Juca done over Skype! He’s great at explaining everything, a good teacher! I played guitar when I was younger buy never knew much about theory or techniques. I was “self taught” (meaning I could read tablature). 3 Lessons in with Juca and I feel like I know 10x more … Continue reading Mitch Tarala