Rock Pack




Rock Pack

Designed for the Boss Katana MKII – Recording with your DAW. 

This pack features 4 Custom Patches + 4 Custom IR’s.

Also included is an original Backing Track for you to Jam Along:

All the Guitar Tones in this track have no Post Processing.


One Jack from the Katana Line Out into the Mooer Radar with the Stereo Expand engaged so the Cab from the Katana is totally Bypassed.

From the Mooer Radar another Jack into your Audio Interface.

Now in your DAW you just need to Arm (ready to record) Track, and you can monitor the sound from Studio Monitors or Headphones.

Any DAW will work: Logic / Reaper / Cubase / Pro Tools / Studio One and many more

The Katana can and should be left in Standby Mode so you just hear the tones from the Radar and not from the Katana Speaker.

Mooer Radar Software to Load IR’s

Download Here

In the Zip file with the patches comes a Test Info so you know which patch to use with the specific cab. 

Of course you can always experiment different combinations. 

This Pack Contains:

  1. Sweet Drive U31
  2. Angry Drive U32
  3. Open Chords U33
  4. Lead Cream U34

The Numbers U 31/32/33/34 correspond to the IR’s. 


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