Prog / Rock Metal Pack


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#1 in Nux MG-400


The Prog / Rock Metal Pack for the NUX MG-400

The new and great small unit from NUX, has a great potential that’s hard to beat for the price.

Check the new MG-400 here.

This pack has 6 Patches and it’s designed with the Modern Progressive / Rock / Metal player in mind.

Each patch has 3 Scenes so you can engage or disengage effects within the same patch.

The QuickTone Editor is very user friendly with many amps to choose from, different microphones and of course the ability to use your own IR’s.

The MG-400 already brings two of my patches from factory.

This Pack features:

  1. DarkClean
  2. FriedCrush
  3. Juicy2000
  4. MightyDual
  5. MonsterUber
  6. BigBottom Bass

Also included in the pack is a high quality original backing track for you to jam along.


All tones were recorded via USB into an UAD Apollo Interface.

No post FX were added.

If you intend to use the unit with your amp, the NUX MG-400 automatically disengages the Virtual CAB.

In this case you can connect it to your amp’s loop return or in the normal input.