AC/DC Inspired By PACK





AC/DC Inspired By PACK

The AC/DC inspired by pack has all of the best Boss Katana MKI and MKII patches to date!

10 different patches for every possible song.

I used a Gibson SG Standard 61 Vintage Cherry with Burstbuckers 61 T and R.

Any humbucker equipped guitar will do.

These patches work a lot with the volume on your guitar. 

Between 7 and 10 is the perfect spot to clean a bit the tone without loosing character.

Important Info:

  1. Only two of the total patches work on the Katana MKI – Hell’s Bells and Back In Black
  2. Also included are all the necessary Screenshots of Boss Tone Studio for the MKI users

All tones were recorded with an SM 57 into an UAD Apollo Twin and then Pro Tools.

No post FX were added

This pack also includes an original backing track in the style of AC/DC. 


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