Hot Rod Pack

This pack includes:

  1. Hot Rod Clean
  2. Hot Rod Crunch
  3. Hot Rod Lead
  4. Hot Rod Solo

All sounds are based on a Marshall Plexi amp.

Signal chain: Guitar – Boss Katana – SM 57 – UAD Apollo MKII – Logic Pro X (No Post FX added)


Boss GT-1000 PREMIUM PACK (Updated With More Packs)

Boss GT-1000 PREMIUM PACK (Updated)

IMPORTANT INFO: All future PACKS will be added for FREE when you buy this pack!!!


The Boss GT-1000 Premium Pack features ALL the individual packs in one single and very special Pack!!!

Compatible with the GT-Core

All GT-1000 Packs Included.

All packs have been tested with Live PA, DAW and to use with your Amp’s Return. (Bypass the Cabs on the last option)

Grab this pack for an amazing price!!!


  1. AC/DC Pack
  2. Aggressive Pack
  3. Vintage Pack
  4. Boutique Strat Pack
  5. Dream Theater Pull Me Under Set
  6. Dumble Pack
  7. Gary Moore Pack
  8. Amps Collection Pack
  9. Metallica Black Album Pack
  10. Blues/Rock Pack
  11. Charvel Pack
  12. Dream Tones Pack
  13. Pink Floyd Pack
  14. Fusion/Rock Pack
  15. Gigging Musicians Pack
  16. Les Paul Pack I
  17. Metal Pack
  18. Indie Pack
  19. Joe Satriani Pack
  20. Marshall Amps Pack I
  21. Pantera Pack I
  22. Marshall Plexi Pack
  23. Satriani Gig Pack
  24. Satriani Surfing Tone 
  25. Soundscapes Pack
  26. SRV Pack
  27. Tele Pack
  28. Carlos Santana Best Of Pack
  29. John Mayer Pack
  30. Vintage Collectors Pack
  31. XMod Pack
  32. SRV Texas Style Pack + Custom Fender Twin IR
  33. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
  34. Chug Like Hell Pack
  35. Gold Tone Pack
  36. Rock Fusion Pack
  37. Smooth Fusion Pack
  38. Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amp
  39. Jazzy Blues Tone Pack (NEW)
  40. The Tweed Pack (NEW)
  41. The Worship Pack (NEW)
  42. Custom Amps Volume I8 Different Amps (NEW)
  43. Artists Pack I – 7 Signature Artist Patches (NEW)
  44. Marshall Plexi + Custom Celestion IR – (NEW)
  45. Mesa Mark II C Plus4 Patches + Custom IR + Backing Track (NEW)
  46. Mesa Mark V – 4 Patches (NEW)
  47. The Doom Pack – 4 Patches (NEW)
  48. My Dumble Pack – 3 Patches (NEW)
  49. Whitesnake – Is This Love Patch (NEW)


The SRV Pack

This time designed for the Boss Katana MKI and MKII.

Amazing recreations of the legendary SRV guitar tones!!!

Ready to record or play live this pack offers all you need!!!

This pack includes:

  1. SRV Lenny
  2. SRV Mary
  3. SRV Testify
  4. SRV Blues


Boss Katana Bundle N.º26

Boss Katana Bundle N.º26

This package contains:

  1. Eric Johnson (Based on the song: “Cliffs Of Dover”) VIDEO DEMO
  2. Guns And Roses 2 PRESETS (Based on the song: “Don’t Cry”) VIDEO DEMO
  3. Gojira 2 PRESETS (Based on the song: “L’Enfant Sauvage”) VIDEO DEMO
  4. Brian May – Queen (Based on the song: “Bohemian Rhapsody”) VIDEO DEMO
  5. Carlos Santana (Based on the song: “Europa”)

The Blues Pack

The Blues Pack

Featuring amazing sounding patches for the modern blues player!!!

I’ve used my Les Paul and a Condenser Microphone into my UAD Apollo Twin and then Logic X (No post FX)

4 distinct patches.

In the video I describe how important it is to adjust you volume and tone knobs to get the best out of this set.

You can get some serious Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore tones!!!

This pack features:

  1. Clean Blues
  2. Crunch Blues
  3. Lead Blues
  4. Solo Blues

All of these tones can be used both as Rhythm and Lead. The dynamics of the tones allow you to control everything from the volume knob.


Telecaster Pack II

The brand new Telecaster Pack II

Full of rich tones!!! 8 Different Patches!!!

All tones were recorded with an SM 57 into an UAD Apollo MKII and the Logic Pro X  (No post fx were added)

This package contains:

  1. Clean Tele Comp
  2. Chicken Tele Comp
  3. Surf Byte Tele
  4. Breakup Tele
  5. Juicy Tele
  6. Juicy Tele Lead
  7. Rock Rhythm Tele
  8. Tele Message



Tele / Strat Pack

The Tele / Strat Pack 

Available for the Boss Katana MKII.

8 very different tones, from cristal clear to juicy crunch.

Suitable for Telecaster or Stratocaster type guitars.

Great tones!!!

This pack contains:

  1. Dream Lines
  2. Twang All Night
  3. Rock Me Out
  4. Choir Deluxe
  5. Big Skies
  6. Extra Juice


80’s Rock / Metal Pack

80’s Rock / Metal Pack

Finally the 80’s Rock/Metal pack for the Boss Katana MKII.

Featuring 8 different Patches to cover all 80’s Metal/Rock styles!!!

I’ve used my Charvel Pro Mod.

All tones (except the stereo ones) were captured with an SM 57 into an UAD Apollo and the Logic X.

For stereo tones use USB.

No post processing.

The lush chorus on most of the tones is a recreation of the famous 80’s analog units.

Pitch Shifting is also present as a must for dual harmonies and subtle chorus effect.

Tape echos and big reverbs make this pack UNIQUE!!!

This pack contains:

  1. Dream Acoustic
  2. 80’s Funk
  3. 80’s Clean
  4. 80’s Pad
  5. 80’s Lead I
  6. 80’s Lead II
  7. 80’s Solo
  8. 80’s Dual Solo