Backing Tracks

Now available, amazing guitar backing tracks from Shaun Smith!!!

About Shaun: Shaun Smith started to get interested in music around the age of 13 and started learning guitar and the process of creating music. As he began to get older, work and school took over and he took a long hiatus from doing music. For the past few years Brandon has been relearning what he forgot during that time and teaching himself about music production. He has a YouTube channel that he started and is now focusing on learning and creating backing tracks / jam tracks for others to enjoy. He is still new to music production but I thought it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with another YouTube channel so we can bring more content and practice material for others to enjoy. So please welcome Brandon and visit his YouTube channel and Subscribe to get notifications for the jam tracks that are soon to be produced.

Instagram: thebsmart
YouTube Channel

Backing Tracks

A Maj Funk

G# / Ab Minor Blues 

Em Loose Blues Jam Backing Track

Am Rock Backing Track Including Scales

Brand New: G Minor Acoustic Blues – Scales Included!!!