Who Are We As Musicians?

We all have our own identity and tone as musicians.
That’s a fact.
But when playing, and as time goes by, I tend to be a different guitarist almost every week.
One week I’m in Metal like never before, next week I’m chasing John Mayer’s tone. And probably the week after I’m just playing Satch.
Gas strikes in! I gotta have that guitar to sound like “that guy”.
Seems like a bipolar thing!
Fortunately I don’t suffer from that disorder.
But there are similarities nonetheless.
Like if I can’t get to have my own personality.
Maybe it’s the effect of creating hundreds of Artist patches.
On the other hand, I watch YouTube players, if I see a Les Paul vintage video that I like, I will grab my Les Paul for sure, next if I watch a metal band, I need to change gear again!
F**** this!
Do you relate?
All the best.