The SRV Pack – Boss GT-1000


Built with extreme dedication, this pack delivers the Best SRV tones to date!!!

A total of 7 different custom tones. 

You can choose the patches according to your gigging needs.

There’s 3 patches built to use with your DAW and the same 3 patches dedicated to the Katana Return or the new Power Amp In featured found in the new Katana MKII.

The DAW versions are ready to record via USB or you can connect the Boss GT-1000 to your external sound card input.

So it’s all covered!

Plus an added bonus!!! An inspired SRV Blues tone is included!

This pack includes:

  1. SRV Lenny
  2. SRV Testify
  3. SRV Mary
  4. SRV Lenny – DAW Version
  5. SRV Testify – DAW Version
  6. SRV Mary – DAW Version

DAW: Digital Audio Workstation. Ex: Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc.