Crazy Deal Upgrade!!!

Crazy Deal Upgrade

Up to the latest Katana MKI Bundle (N.º31) and Boutique Amps Collection. 

For existing customers of the original Crazy Deal.

New on the Pack:

Artist Patches:

  1. Ac/Dc Back In Black
  2. Brown Strat Tone
  3. FooFighters Everlong 3 Patches
  4. Van Halen Ain’t Talking
  5. Van Halen Eruption
  6. Black Stone Cherry Lonely Train
  7. John Mayer Gravity
  8. Lenny Kravitz
  9. Pantera Mouth For War
  10. Pink Floyd Coming Back To Life 2 Patches
  11. Tool Fear
  12. Big Les Paul Tone
  13. Break Strat Tone
  14. Dream Theater Lines In The Sand 3 Patches
  15. Pink Floyd Shine – 3 Patches
  16. Rush Limelight 2 Patches

Custom Amp Patches:

  1. Engl Fireball
  2. Orange Dark Terror 3 Patches
  3. Peavey 5150
  4. Randall (Based on the Satan)

All video demos are already on the individual patches. 

Get Your Upgrade HERE

Author: JucaNery Guitar Tuition

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