Vacations and the Katana Mini…


Hi there!

How are you doing?

I’m finally off for vacation! Spending some quality time with my family 🙂

Of course I brought the guitar with me and the BIG Katana MINI.

What an amp!!! I’m really impressed!

I’ve never had an amp so small that sounded so big!

It’s so detailed… Three channels, you can get crispy clean to powerful metal tones.

It’s all there. Really!

I’ve been playing it for a few days now with my Harley Benton Pro Fusion II Series.

The guitar is amazing in every detail. The price is even better! Get one! Seriously!

And the combination is really awarding. I get split coils on the Fusion so pretty much every tone is covered.

The mini also has delay built in and although I would prefer reverb the delay sounds so good! Seems like an old tape echo. So musical…

I just wanted to share this with you 🙂

Friday I’m back home and I have a lot of work to do!

So stay tuned for new stuff coming very soon…

Best regards,

Juca Nery